In a transformative stride, Accenture, a global IT consulting major, has welcomed Binny Mathews as its Chief Procurement Officer and head of Procurement Plus (P+). This strategic appointment, effective January 3, 2024, marks a significant milestone in Accenture’s commitment to advancing responsible and sustainable procurement practices on a global scale.

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Binny Mathews: A Seasoned Professional
Early Career and Diverse Experience
Binny Mathews, a seasoned executive with a remarkable career spanning over 15 years at Infosys, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. His journey includes holding the position of Senior Vice President and Group Head of Procurement at Infosys before embarking on this new venture with Accenture. Notably, Mathews has contributed to procurement divisions at Tata Group, FreeMarkets (now SAP Ariba), and Marico, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Strategic Vision for Accenture’s Global Procurement Spend
Mathews Takes the Helm
Binny Mathews assumes a pivotal role in steering the strategic direction for Accenture’s global procurement spend. His mandate encompasses the continued transformation of the company’s supply chain into a sustainable, diverse value chain. Accenture, a Nasdaq-listed entity, expresses its commitment to responsible and profitable buying, emphasizing the establishment of 360° supplier partnerships.

Binny Mathew

Navigating Challenges in the IT Sector: Talent Movements and Lawsuits
Talent Exodus from Infosys
The Information Technology sector has been marked by a series of movements, with Infosys and Wipro witnessing significant employee departures to rival companies. In the year 2023 alone, Infosys faced the departure of approximately ten senior executives to its peer firms. This trend has raised concerns within the industry and prompted legal actions, including lawsuits against former employees who joined competitor firms.

Accenture’s Strategic Appointments: Strengthening Leadership
Key Appointments at Accenture
Accenture, in a strategic move aimed at fortifying its leadership, announced at least five senior-level appointments, effective September 2023. These appointments include Manish Sharma as North America CEO, John Walsh as Chief Operating Officer, Steve Ferneyhough as Chief Strategic Accounts & Global Sales Officer, Paul Daugherty as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, and Karthik Narain as Group Chief Executive for Technology.

Binny Mathews’ Vision for Procurement Plus
Driving Responsible Buying
Binny Mathews expresses his excitement about leading Procurement Plus, highlighting its role in advancing Accenture’s global leadership in responsible buying. He emphasizes that sustainability, transparency, agility, and inclusivity will underscore how Accenture collaborates with suppliers globally and across the marketplace.


Endorsement and Expectations: Margaret Smith’s Perspective
Critical Role in Innovation and Growth
Margaret Smith, Senior Managing Director and Executive Director of Corporate Services and Sustainability at Accenture, underscores Binny Mathews’ critical role. She highlights that Mathews will play a pivotal role in powering innovation, growth, and business continuity for Accenture. This involves ensuring that the global strategy is executed based on local demand and leading with data-driven approaches to deliver value.

A Strategic Move Towards Sustainable Procurement
Binny Mathews’ appointment as Chief Procurement Officer marks a strategic move by Accenture to reinforce its commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. With a seasoned professional at the helm, Accenture aims to navigate challenges in the IT sector, foster innovation, and lead the way in responsible procurement.

FAQs – Unveiling Insights
Q: What prompted Binny Mathews to leave Infosys for Accenture?
A: Binny Mathews’ move to Accenture aligns with his vision to lead Procurement Plus and contribute to Accenture’s global leadership in responsible buying.

Q: How does Accenture plan to transform its supply chain under Binny Mathews’ leadership?
A: Accenture aims to transform its supply chain into a sustainable, diverse value chain committed to responsible and profitable buying and 360° supplier partnerships.

Q: What are the key challenges faced by the IT sector in talent retention?
A: The IT sector is grappling with talent movements, with companies like Infosys and Wipro losing employees to rival firms, leading to legal disputes.

Q: How does Accenture intend to fortify its leadership in the wake of talent movements in the IT sector?
A: Accenture has made strategic appointments to strengthen its leadership, ensuring resilience and growth in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Q: What role does Binny Mathews play in Accenture’s global strategy?
A: Binny Mathews plays a critical role in executing Accenture’s global strategy based on local demand, leading with data-driven approaches to deliver value.


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