Remembering Ameen Sayani, the Voice of Indian Radio

Ameen Sayani, an icon of Indian radio broadcasting, passed away on Tuesday in Mumbai at the age of 91. His son Rajil Sayani confirmed the news, marking the end of an era in Indian media. Sayani’s mellifluous voice and unparalleled contribution to the industry have left an indelible mark on generations of listeners.

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Early Career and Rise to Fame

Sayani’s journey into the world of radio began at All India Radio (AIR) in Bombay, where his brother Hamid worked as a broadcaster. However, it was his stint at Radio Ceylon that catapulted him to superstardom. “Geetmala,” the Hindi film song show he hosted, became a sensation across the region, captivating audiences with its enchanting mix of music and Sayani’s charismatic delivery.

The Popularity of “Geetmala”

“Geetmala,” sponsored by Binaca/Cibaca toothpaste, garnered immense popularity with its weekly countdown of songs. Sayani’s endearing address to his listeners as ‘sisters and brothers’ and his rapport with Bollywood luminaries endeared him to millions. Despite its eventual transition to television, the show’s legacy endured, showcasing Sayani’s lasting impact on Indian radio.

Ameen Sayani

Continued Success and Contributions

Beyond “Geetmala,” Sayani’s career spanned an impressive array of radio programs, totaling over 58,000 shows and 19,000 jingles. His versatility shone through in programs like the “Bournvita Quiz Contest” and “Swanaash,” demonstrating his ability to engage audiences across genres. Additionally, his interviews with legendary figures provided invaluable insights into India’s cultural landscape.

Tributes and Legacy

Tributes poured in from across the nation, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur lauding Sayani’s contributions. Their words reflect the profound impact Sayani had on Indian broadcasting, shaping the medium in ways that continue to resonate today.


Ameen Sayani’s legacy transcends the confines of radio, embodying the spirit of an era defined by his voice. His unparalleled charisma and dedication to his craft have left an indelible mark on Indian culture, ensuring that his memory lives on in the hearts of millions.


  1. What made Ameen Sayani’s voice so special?
    • Ameen Sayani possessed a distinctive voice characterized by warmth and charm, endearing him to listeners of all ages.
  2. How did “Geetmala” revolutionize Indian radio?
    • “Geetmala” introduced a novel format to Indian radio, blending music and entertainment in a way that captivated audiences across the nation.
  3. What was Ameen Sayani’s impact beyond “Geetmala”?
    • Sayani’s influence extended far beyond “Geetmala,” encompassing a diverse range of programs and initiatives that shaped the landscape of Indian broadcasting.
  4. How did the Indian government respond to Ameen Sayani’s passing?
    • Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur offered heartfelt tributes to Ameen Sayani, highlighting his significance in Indian media history.
  5. What is Ameen Sayani’s lasting legacy?
    • Ameen Sayani’s legacy endures through his pioneering contributions to Indian radio, serving


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