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During the No confidence motion in Parliament, speeches by Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi went viral on social media. But, do you know who emerged as the winner in terms of views on these platforms?

Let’s start with Facebook: Rahul Gandhi garnered 7.9 million views on Facebook with a follower count of 6.2 million. In contrast, Narendra Modi received 6.2 million views on Facebook, boasting an impressive 48 million followers.

Shifting to Sansad TV, Rahul Gandhi’s speech on the No confidence motion accrued 346,000 views, whereas Narendra Modi’s garnered 238,000 views.


On Rahul Gandhi’s official channel, a single video amassed 1.9 million views among his 2.73 million subscribers. On the other hand, Narendra Modi’s official channel saw 116,000 views spread across 13 videos, reaching an audience of 16.5 million subscribers.

In summary, in terms of views on social media platforms, both Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi showcased significant engagement, with their numbers varying across different platforms.


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