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Gopichand, the revered hero who seeks to make a formidable comeback, is presently engrossed in his 31st film, being skillfully directed by the esteemed A Harsha, a prominent filmmaker from the Kannada industry. This venture serves as Harsha’s grand entrance into the realm of Telugu cinema, bringing his expertise to new horizons.

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Amidst a compelling blend of pulsating action and heartfelt familial bonds, this extravagant production is being generously financed by the visionary KK Radhamohan of Sri Sathya Sai Arts, who has spared no expense to bring this cinematic masterpiece to life.

Director A Harsha, known for his prowess in crafting commercial entertainers, has meticulously constructed an enthralling narrative that promises to showcase Gopichand in an unprecedented mass avatar, leaving audiences spellbound.

In a momentous celebration of Gopichand’s birthday, the filmmakers have unveiled not only the film’s captivating title but also the tantalizing first look, offering a glimpse into the grandeur that awaits.

“Bhimaa” has been carefully chosen as the title, embodying the immense strength and power exuded by the central character. Undoubtedly, “Bhimaa” serves as a befitting synonym for grandiosity and might.


The striking first look presentation features Gopichand as a relentless and unyielding police officer, perfectly aligning with the chosen title. Symbolically, the backdrop showcases a ferocious bull, serving as a visual representation of the fiery fury that engulfs Gopichand’s character.

Garbed in a khaki uniform, Gopichand dons a captivating macho look, accentuated by a distinguished handlebar mustache and a rugged beard. The scars etched on his face stand as a testament to the trials and tribulations his character has endured.

Currently, the gripping action sequences of “Bhimaa” are being filmed at the Aluminum Factory in Hyderabad, each frame radiating intensity and adrenaline.

Adding to the cinematic brilliance, Ravi Basrur, renowned for his exceptional work in the blockbuster “KGF,” has been entrusted with the task of composing the exhilarating soundtracks for “Bhimaa.” Additionally, Swamy J Gowda, an accomplished cinematographer, captures the essence of the film with his unparalleled vision, ensuring that every frame captivates the audience.


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