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Chaupadi is a major malpractice in Nepal, and thousands of girls are still struggling with it.

Chaupadi is a traditional practice in Nepal where, during menstruation and times of illness, women are considered impure and are not allowed to live in their homes. Instead, small houses or cottages are built a little distance away from their homes where women and girls are expected to stay during those days. These temporary shelters often lack basic facilities such as beds, and sometimes women have to sleep on leaves or straw.

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This practice puts women in vulnerable situations, as they are exposed to dangers such as snake bites and the risk of sexual assault due to isolation. Despite living in a modern era with advanced technology, Nepal continues to follow this harmful tradition.


Sangeeta Rukaya, a Nepalese citizen who has successfully climbed Mount Everest, has also experienced the negative effects of Chaupadi. She witnessed many other girls going through this malpractice as well. Sangeeta has stated that fighting against this malpractice is even more challenging than achieving Mount Everest. Additionally, she has encountered opposition from locals for breaking these rules and dismantling the houses built for Chaupadi.


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