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Beginning his segment on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” Hayes delved into the latest development surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, who has recently reached a plea agreement with the Department of Justice. This agreement marks the end of a federal investigation spanning over five years.


While acknowledging his criticisms of Hunter Biden’s behavior, Hayes directed his attention to the Republicans’ enduring fixation on him, dismissing their obsession as nothing more than “sheer sadism.” According to Hayes, the Republicans’ preoccupation with Hunter Biden stems from their intention to exploit his addiction struggles to tarnish his father’s reputation for political gain.

For those unable to watch the video, let me provide a recap. Hunter Biden has been the subject of an investigation into alleged crimes since 2018, initially initiated under the Trump administration and subsequently continued under the Biden administration. The complexity of the situation stems from Hunter Biden’s relapse into drug and alcohol addiction during the mid-2010s while simultaneously working for foreign companies, leveraging his proximity to influential American institutions. The leaking of videos and other information concerning his struggles brought his behavior into the public eye.

It is important to note that President Biden has not interfered in the investigation. Like his predecessors, President Biden dismissed and replaced all U.S. attorneys but made exceptions for two who were leading investigations ordered by Trump. One of them was John Durham, who embarked on a fruitless pursuit of the so-called “deep state” under Trump’s direction. The other was David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. attorney, who initiated the probe into Hunter Biden in 2018. President Biden retained Weiss to ensure no interference with the ongoing investigation into his son.

Hayes proceeded to outline the journey of the Hunter Biden investigation, highlighting its remarkable nature as the first instance of the Department of Justice bringing charges against a sitting president’s child. He emphasized that federal prosecutors, at every level, painstakingly avoided appearing partisan, biased, or unfair, following a similar approach to the investigation of former President Trump. Hayes referenced a recent Washington Post story that detailed the FBI and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s reluctance to investigate Trump’s involvement in the January 6 insurrection due to concerns of appearing partisan and a lack of sufficient evidence.


The Hunter Biden investigation has persisted for an extended period of five years, involving federal prosecutors, FBI agents, and IRS officials. The resulting charges, particularly the gun-related offense, are uncommon and face legal challenges. This charge, which prohibits drug addicts from owning firearms, has been employed in high-profile cases where the underlying conduct does not clearly violate federal criminal statutes. Importantly, David Weiss did not bring any charges related to Hunter Biden’s dealings with foreign entities, despite years of Republican accusations regarding his connections to China and Ukraine.

Hayes noted that Republicans immediately shifted their focus and changed the goalposts following the news of the plea deal. He highlighted the unhinged comments made by Donald Trump and a Republican congressman who criticized the agreement and accused Joe Biden of being a criminal mastermind.

While acknowledging legitimate criticism regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Hayes contended that attacks on Hunter Biden were ultimately intended to harm his father. Hayes criticized right-wing media for their continuous fixation on Hunter Biden, characterizing it as a ritualistic humiliation of him and a psychological warfare tactic against President Biden. He stressed that Joe Biden has no control over the actions of his adult son, which is widely known even among those launching these unfounded attacks. Hayes played a leaked voicemail from 2018 in which Joe Biden expressed his love and support for Hunter Biden, a recording that Republicans attempted to exploit in their attacks against Biden.

Hayes concluded that the outcome of the long investigation into Hunter Biden is ultimately beneficial for the rule of law and justice, despite his belief that the prosecutors might have gone out of their way to bring charges. However, he urged everyone to recognize the true motive behind the entire enterprise—an act of sheer sadism aimed at exploiting a son’s addiction for political purposes.


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