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America has decided to provide a certain type of weapon to Ukraine, which more than 100 countries are planning to ban. This weapon is called a cluster weapon and is known to be very dangerous.

The American National Security Adviser, Jack Sullivan, has acknowledged that such weapons can be harmful to civilians and have the potential to explode at any time. That is why they have delayed the decision. Ukraine will only use these bombs for self-defense and not on foreign soil.

There are numerous disputes surrounding cluster weapons. Bombs triggered through clusters do not explode immediately; they may remain dormant for a long time and detonate later on. Sullivan added that the cluster weapons sent by America to Ukraine have a 2.5% chance of remaining unexploded upon detonation, whereas Russian cluster weapons have a 30% to 40% chance of remaining unexploded.

According to American law, America cannot supply weapons with an unexploded rate higher than 1%. However, the American President may choose to ignore this law.

Now, let’s discuss what cluster weapons are. They are systems in which small bombs are dispersed in large quantities over an area using rockets, missiles, or cannons. These bombs are designed for significant explosions, but a significant portion of them do not explode immediately. They only detonate when they come into contact with a soft or moist surface. Removing these unexploded bombs from an area is a dangerous task that can result in injury or death to those involved.


These bombs pose a significant danger to soldiers in defensive positions or bunkers. Given the aforementioned dangers, Germany, Britain, France, and over 100 other countries have signed an agreement to ban and store cluster weapons. However, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States have not signed this agreement.

These bombs are particularly dangerous for children as they can resemble toys. The use of these bombs is considered a war crime by Human Rights Organizations. Western countries allied with America may have differing opinions on this agreement, creating an opportunity for Vladimir Putin to sow disputes between them.


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