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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed the state’s 12-week abortion ban, which would have prohibited almost all abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, reducing the current limit of twenty weeks. The veto was expected, as the bill was rushed through the general assembly, but there is still a chance for it to become law.

Many people were pleased with Governor Cooper’s decision to veto the bill. On Saturday morning, hundreds of individuals gathered outside the North Carolina state capital shortly after the governor blocked the Republican-backed ban.

The bill imposes a ban on most abortions after 12 weeks, with exceptions in cases of rape or incest. Governor Cooper, speaking on a microphone, described the bill as monstrous and confusing, stating that he will continue to fight for women’s reproductive healthcare rights and condemning his Republican colleagues.


The bill will now return to the general assembly, where Republicans remain optimistic about their chances of overriding Governor Cooper’s veto. They hold a supermajority, which allows them to override the veto if both the House and the Senate vote with a two-thirds majority.

Representative Trisha Gotham from the 112th district, located in Mecklenburg County, played a key role in making this possible. She recently switched parties, moving from Democrat to the other side of the aisle, and cast her vote in favor of the abortion ban.

In the meantime, anti-abortion groups like NC Values are encouraging lawmakers to stay strong against bullying and to continue supporting the legislation.


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