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Two sisters from a small town in Bihar, India, have made a splash on YouTube. They create YouTube videos in American Accent English. The sisters’ names are Navya Gahlot (9years old) and Aradhya Gahlot (5 years old), and they are from the village of Madarpur in the Khagaria district of Bihar. They recently started a YouTube channel called “Just the 2 Best Friends” (, where they speak in American Accent English.

The channel’s theme revolves around playing with toys. The two girls play with toys using their hands while holding a mobile camera with one hand to shoot the videos. They also provide voices for the toys in an American accent.

It is surprising to see their proficiency in American Accent English, especially considering the lack of English medium schools in the area. When asked about their language skills, they explained that they learned English by watching cartoon movies on YouTube.


According to the sisters, their father used to work as a seafarer but decided to quit his job in 2019 to spend more quality time with his family. Their mother is described as a simple housewife. Despite the lack of formal guidance, schooling, and facilities, the determination of these two girls enabled them to learn American Accent English. Eventually, they came up with the idea of making videos with toys in English.

Currently, their YouTube channel has 200 subscribers, and their content continues to gain attention.


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