Three, two, one, zero!

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At 14:35 on July 14, 2023, the Chandrayaan-3 mission was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India. The spacecraft was sent to space by the super rocket LVM3-M4.

Chandrayaan-3 consists of three modules: the lander, rover, and propulsion system. Approximately 40 days after the launch, on August 23rd or 24th, 2023, the lander and rover will land on the Moon.

The lander and rover will conduct experiments for about 14 days, while the propulsion system will remain in the Moon’s orbit and study variations originating from Earth.


This mission conducted by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) aims to study the lunar surface’s seismic activity and analyze the soil and dust. If everything goes according to plan, July 14, 2023, will be a significant day in ISRO’s history, marked in golden letters.

India will become the fourth country, after America, Russia, and China, to accomplish this feat.


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