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Instagram is rolling out updates to its Reels templates, a feature that enables users to create their own videos based on existing ones. Consequently, this could lead to a surge in content that appears strikingly similar to one another.

The concept of templates essentially breaks down Reels into a predetermined format, allowing users to insert their own photos and videos seamlessly. For instance, it involves a sequence of five brief 0.7-second clips synchronized with a specific song. By adopting this approach, users can easily partake in viral trends without investing excessive time in editing. However, it also fosters the proliferation of content that bears a striking resemblance to other videos, effectively blurring the lines of originality.

The recent updates to Reels templates take the copy-and-paste technique to the next level. Alongside the video format, the presets will soon include the text and transitions featured in the original video. Nonetheless, users will retain the ability to customize various elements if they wish to deviate from an identical replication.


To further enhance user convenience, Instagram is introducing additional methods for discovering templates. A new template browser page will showcase recommendations from Instagram, along with trending sequences that enjoy popularity among other users. Additionally, any templates saved for future use will be conveniently accessible in this section.

It’s worth noting that templates are not exclusive to Instagram, as similar features exist on other short-form video platforms such as TikTok.


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