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Jim Miller, a seasoned veteran in the sport, showcased his incredible prowess once again during his momentous career. Stepping into the octagon for the 42nd time with the UFC, Miller faced a replacement opponent, Jesse Butler, on short notice at UFC on ESPN 45’s main card. The electrifying lightweight bout was broadcasted live on ESPN and streamed on ESPN+.

Originally slated to fight Jared Gordon, Miller’s plans took a sudden turn when Gordon was withdrawn from the fight during fight week. However, Butler, seizing the opportunity, courageously stepped up with only two days’ notice to make his UFC debut. Little did he know that his debut would be a brief one, lasting a mere 23 seconds, courtesy of Miller’s lightning-fast fists.

As the two fighters engaged in an exchange, Miller swiftly landed a counter left hook on Butler’s jaw, sending him crashing down to the canvas in a violent manner, concluding the fight with a dramatic knockout.


This victory not only propelled Miller back into the win column but also marked the fastest knockout of his professional career, which commenced in 2005. In his previous bout, Miller had suffered a unanimous decision loss to Alexander Hernandez, putting an end to his three-fight winning streak, all of which were second-round finishes.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, Miller further solidified his position as a UFC legend by extending his record for the most victories in the promotion to 25. The next closest competitors, Andrei Arlovski and Donald Cerrone, are tied at 23 wins. Notably, Miller’s quick knockout also marked his 17th stoppage victory in the UFC, placing him second on the all-time list behind Charles Oliveira, who currently holds the record with 19 stoppages.


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