The weekend buzz in the entertainment world revealed a surprising twist as the beloved Vera screen star, Julia, was unmasked as the adorable Bubble Tea character on a popular TV show. However, amid the cheers and social media support, one notable absence in the celebration was Nadia Sawalha. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing story, exploring the dynamics between Nadia and Julia, and the reasons behind Nadia’s unexpected silence.

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Who is Nadia Sawalha?

Before we unravel the layers of this unfolding drama, let’s take a moment to understand the key players. Nadia Sawalha, the ex-EastEnders actress, shares a familial connection with Julia. Growing up in Croydon, South London, alongside their elder sister Dina, the sisters’ relationship has seen its fair share of complexities.

Nadia Swalha

The Unveiling of Julia and Nadia’s Silence

The news highlighted Julia’s unmasking as the Bubble Tea character, an event that should have been a cause for celebration. Yet, despite fan support and social media buzzing with excitement, Nadia chose not to acknowledge the revelation. The absence of mutual Instagram follows and Nadia’s failure to recognize Julia’s recent success raise eyebrows.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

To understand the underlying tension, it’s essential to revisit the past. Nadia’s separation from the family when Julia was born created a sense of jealousy. This sentiment intensified as Julia, the younger sister, garnered attention and affection. Nadia’s journey on EastEnders only added to this feeling of living under Julia’s shadow.

Sisterly Strife Unveiled

The sibling rivalry took a public turn when Nadia confessed her dislike for Julia’s boyfriends, hinting at a strained relationship. Julia, in response, took to social media, expressing her frustration with Nadia’s public disclosures. Accusations of lies and family turmoil came to light, showcasing the complex dynamics between the sisters.

Julia’s Reunion and Nadia’s Silence

While Julia’s unmasking brought joy on the TV show, the absence of acknowledgment from Nadia raised questions. Instead of celebrating her sister’s success, Nadia opted to tag her Loose Women colleagues in a meme on Instagram. This deliberate silence speaks volumes about the current state of their relationship.


The Jennifer Saunders Connection

A twist in the tale occurred as Julia was unmasked in front of stand-in judge Jennifer Saunders, her co-star from Absolutely Fabulous. Julia, who played Jennifer’s on-screen daughter in the ’90s comedy, left viewers speculating whether the reunion was a mere coincidence or a carefully orchestrated moment.


The unfolding drama between Nadia Sawalha and her sister Julia adds a layer of complexity to the entertainment news scene. While Julia basks in the success of her unmasking, Nadia’s silence raises questions about their relationship. The intricate history, public disclosures, and deliberate social media actions contribute to a narrative that goes beyond the TV show’s glamour.


  1. Why didn’t Nadia Sawalha acknowledge Julia’s unmasking?
    • Nadia’s silence could be attributed to their complex history, sibling rivalry, and public disclosures, hinting at a strained relationship.
  2. What is the significance of Julia’s reunion with Jennifer Saunders?
    • The reunion with Jennifer Saunders, her co-star from Absolutely Fabulous, adds an intriguing layer, leaving viewers speculating about the connection.
  3. How did Nadia and Julia’s relationship evolve during their time on EastEnders?
    • Nadia expressed feelings of living under Julia’s shadow during their time on EastEnders, contributing to their sibling rivalry.
  4. Why did Julia take to social media to address the issues with Nadia?
    • Julia’s public response aimed to provide her perspective on the strained relationship and counter Nadia’s public disclosures.
  5. What does Nadia’s Instagram activity reveal about her relationship with Julia?
    • Nadia’s choice to tag colleagues instead of acknowledging Julia’s success on Instagram suggests a deliberate silence, possibly indicating ongoing tensions.


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