In a somber turn of events, acclaimed actor Lee Sun-kyun, widely recognized for his pivotal role in the Oscar-winning masterpiece “Parasite,” has sadly passed away, as officially confirmed by South Korea‘s emergency office on December 27, 2023.

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The distressing discovery unfolded as Lee was found lifeless in a car situated at a central Seoul park, sending shockwaves throughout the nation. Initial reports from the police hinted at an unconscious Lee located at an undisclosed Seoul spot, prompting escalated concerns after his family reported his departure from home, coupled with a message resembling a suicide note.

Responding to the unfolding tragedy, authorities launched a search operation, garnering coverage from multiple South Korean media outlets, including the Yonhap news agency.

The South Korean police initially confirmed finding Lee unconscious, though specifics surrounding the discovery remained undisclosed.

Further updates from the Yonhap news agency conveyed the unfortunate news of Lee’s demise in the car at a Seoul park. The agency reported Lee’s initial discovery unconscious at the park, later identified by the police. The confirmation of his death came with the unsettling detail of a charcoal briquette discovered in the car’s passenger seat.

Lee Sun-kyun
Lee Sun-kyun

Lee Sun-kyun’s global recognition soared through his portrayal as the head of a wealthy family in “Parasite,” a cinematic triumph at the 2020 Oscars. In 2021, his outstanding contribution to the motion picture earned him a coveted Screen Actors Guild award. Additionally, his nomination for Best Actor at the 2022 International Emmy Awards highlighted his versatile talent, especially evident in the sci-fi thriller “Dr. Brain.”

Before attaining international acclaim with “Parasite,” Lee had long been a familiar face on Korean screens. His career commenced with the popular drama series “Coffee Prince” in 2007, solidifying mainstream appeal through medical dramas like “Behind The White Tower,” “Asta” (2010), and “My Mister” (2018).

In this poignant update, it’s unmistakable that Lee Sun-kyun’s profound impact on the entertainment industry has left an enduring legacy. His untimely departure is not only a loss for South Korea but reverberates globally, immortalizing him for his exceptional talent and the captivating characters he brought to life on the silver screen.


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