Matthew Perry, famed for his role in “Friends,” tragically passed away on October 28 at the age of 54. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner conducted the autopsy, revealing that the main cause of his death was the anaesthetic effects of “Ketamine. “What is Ketamine?

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Perry had been undergoing ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety, but the autopsy showed unexpectedly high ketamine levels, similar to those experienced during general anaesthesia. Even his last treatment, administered 1.5 weeks before his death, could not account for this.


Expert Opinions on Ketamine Levels

Dr. Andrew Stolbach, a medical toxicologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine, stated that the amount of ketamine found in Perry’s body was sufficient to cause loss of consciousness and posture, making it fatal, especially when in water. Using sedative drugs in a pool or hot tub, particularly when alone, is extremely risky, he added.


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