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In a remarkable tale of survival, a group of four children, including an infant only 11 months old, has emerged alive following a plane crash and an astonishing 40-day ordeal in the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest.

source : Kens5

The incident took place in Colombia on May 1, where the crash tragically claimed the lives of three individuals, including the children’s mother. When authorities arrived at the crash site, they were met with the distressing discovery that the children were nowhere to be found, triggering an intensive search operation to locate them.

Amidst a flurry of conflicting reports regarding their fate, Colombian President Gustavo Petro finally announced on Friday night that the children had been found and were now under secure care. President Petro joyfully exclaimed, “A moment of celebration for the entire nation! Four children, who were lost in the Colombian jungle for 40 days, have miraculously been found alive.”

Heartwarming images shared by President Petro and the country’s military forces depict rescuers diligently attending to the children, providing them with assistance while they sit on makeshift tarps laid out on the jungle floor. Additionally, a video released by the Colombian Ministry of Defense showcases the children being carefully lifted into a helicopter, hovering above the forest in the darkness of night. Subsequently, they were transported to a hospital in the capital city of Bogotá to receive essential medical care.

According to reports from CNN en Español, the children have since been reunited with their father and grandparents, further enhancing the sense of relief and gratitude within the family. President Petro expressed his deep appreciation for the combined efforts of the military personnel and indigenous communities, emphasizing that their collaboration played a pivotal role in the successful rescue operation.

Following the plane crash, which claimed the life of their mother, as well as that of a pilot and another passenger, Colombian military forces and local indigenous communities launched a determined search mission. The soldiers employed sniffer dogs and military aircraft to track down the missing children, even resorting to using a helicopter to broadcast a recorded message from the children’s grandmother, urging them to stay put.


The four children belonged to the Indigenous Huitoto people, residing in the border region between southeastern Colombia and northern Peru. Among them were an 11-month-old infant, a 13-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 4-year-old.

The confirmation of their survival brings an end to weeks of uncertainty and conflicting information. On May 14, President Petro prematurely tweeted about the children’s discovery, relying on information provided by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare. However, defense sources refuted these claims in a Colombian newspaper, leading to the tweet’s removal and an apology issued by President Petro.

Despite these setbacks, reports persistently circulated about the children’s well-being. The plane operator responsible for the crashed aircraft released a statement stating that one of its pilots had received news of the children’s survival from local residents when they landed in the village of Cachiporro, situated not far from the crash site. Indigenous radio stations also reported that the children had been located and were being brought to the village by river.

Following the rescue, the children’s grandmother revealed that the eldest child had developed caretaking skills, looking after their younger siblings in their mother’s absence. This resilience and resourcefulness likely played a crucial role in their collective survival. “I am immensely grateful, both to the rescuers and to Mother Earth, for setting them free,” she expressed, as reported by the BBC.

President Petro emphasized that the children would continue to receive necessary medical attention, acknowledging the physical and mental toll their harrowing experience may have taken. “The most critical aspect now is to rely on the expertise of doctors. After enduring 40 days of isolation, their health is undoubtedly under significant strain. We must also evaluate their mental well-being,” President Petro stated during a press conference.


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