Mangroves cover an area of 5000 sq/km along the Indian coast, with the Sundarbans in West Bengal being one prominent region that extends across Bangladesh and India. Mangroves are found throughout the coastal states of India, although the density varies. Kerala is one such state where a man named Murukesan TP has devoted himself to the preservation of mangroves. He has been actively planting mangroves for the past eight years on Vypin Island in Kerala. Despite the rising sea levels and flooding caused by tides, Murukesan has chosen to stay while his neighbors have relocated elsewhere.

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Murukesan has planted over 100k plants along the coasts of Vypin Island and Kochi. His life’s inspiration is centered around the planting of mangroves, which serve as a natural defense against tidal floods. During Murukesan’s

childhood, his area was densely covered with mangroves, but now only a few remain along the Kochi Coast. According to the Forest Research Institute, the state of Kerala has lost 98% of its mangroves since 1975.

In 2014, Murukesan recognized the importance of mangroves and began planting 10-15 thousand mangrove plants annually. He has successfully cultivated and nurtured 100k plants in his nursery and has planted them in various locations in Ernakulam. His passion for caring for and planting mangroves remains steadfast, and he intends to continue his efforts in the future. The mangroves he planted in 2014 have flourished and formed dense forests, providing vital protection against tidal floods.


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