Our exclusive source reveals that Gurugram is a potential location for the wedding reception of celebrated actor Parineeti Chopra and her fiancé, politician Raghav Chadha. The couple, who recently sealed their engagement with an intimate ceremony in Delhi on May 13, is yet to finalize the venue for their highly anticipated wedding scheduled for October this year. Disregarding previous speculations about dual receptions in Chandigarh and Mumbai, the couple is reportedly contemplating a lavish reception in Gurugram.

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There has been a recent development regarding the wedding preparations, as our insider informs us that the parents of Parineeti and Raghav, namely Pawan Chopra, Reena Chopra, Sunil Chadha, and Alka Chadha, visited a prominent hotel in Gurugram for a delectable food tasting session earlier this week.

According to our source, the anticipated tasting was initially planned for 7:00 pm but was rescheduled to 9:00 pm. A lady presumed to be their manager arrived at the venue around 8:30 pm to coordinate the arrangements. Subsequently, at approximately 9:45 pm, the parents of both Parineeti and Raghav arrived to savor the culinary delights. Unfortunately, the couple did not make an appearance, and only the families had the opportunity to taste the sumptuous menu on offer.


The insider further reveals that the extensive menu suggested a grand reception in the Delhi NCR region, considering Raghav’s strong connections to Delhi due to his birthplace and political background. The significant presence of his friends, close acquaintances, and esteemed guests in Delhi might influence the choice of a splendid reception in the region. Interestingly, it seems that the purpose of the visit to the hotel was primarily for the food tasting session rather than scouting for a wedding venue.

As the wedding preparations unfold, it remains to be seen whether Gurugram will indeed be the chosen city to host the wedding reception, where Parineeti and Raghav will celebrate their union amidst an atmosphere of joy and festivity.


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