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Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is known for its rich history and culture. But there’s a growing issue that’s affecting the people who live there – noise pollution. Dhaka has a lot of people, around 25 million, and it’s become one of the noisiest cities in the world. This constant exposure to loud noises is causing problems for people’s health, both in their minds and bodies. It’s time to pay attention to this problem and find ways to fix it.

Too Much Noise

In Dhaka, there are many sounds like honking horns, construction noise, and busy markets. All these noises mix together to make a very loud city. This noise is causing a lot of health problems for the people who live there. People are feeling stressed, anxious, and even sad because of all the noise. It’s like living in a place where there’s a never-ending loud party. Not only that, but noise pollution can also make people sick with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Comparing with Others and Making Rules

Compared to the rest of the world, Dhaka has a big noise problem. The World Health Organization says that during the day, noise should be around 70 decibels, and at night, it should be 45 decibels. But in Dhaka, the noise during the day often goes over 90 decibels. Some other countries punish people who make too much noise with fines. Dhaka should think about doing the same thing to control the loud noises.


Ideas to Make Things Better

People who care about Dhaka are trying to make a change. They think that before giving someone permission to drive, they should check if they will follow the noise rules. This way, only good drivers who won’t make too much noise can drive in the city. Also, many people agree that when cars pass by schools and hospitals, they should follow strict noise rules. These places need to be peaceful and quiet.


Fixing the noise problem in Dhaka is not just about making the city quieter. It’s about keeping people healthy and happy. Noise pollution is causing a lot of problems, both in how people feel and how their bodies work. Dhaka can show other cities how to solve this problem. Leaders, citizens, and everyone involved need to work together to make the city more peaceful and improve the lives of everyone who calls Dhaka home.


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