A colossal Banyan tree, originating from India and aged 150 years, which stands as one of the grandest arboreal specimens in the United States, finds itself in a dire struggle for survival amidst the merciless onslaught of fatal wildfires that have engulfed the Hawaiian island of Maui. These voracious blazes have left a trail of destruction, consuming edifices and claiming the lives of over 50 individuals.

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The motivation behind its cultivation stemmed from commemorating the 50th anniversary of the inaugural American Protestant missionary in Lahaina — an epochal occurrence that forever reshaped the trajectory of Lahaina’s historical narrative, as detailed by reports from AFP.

The illustrious 46-trunk Banyan tree, affectionately referred to as “paniana” in the Hawaiian parlance, commenced its existence as a modest 8-foot sapling when it was ceremoniously planted within the precincts of Maui’s Lahaina town in the year 1873, as meticulously documented on the online portal lahainatown.com.


Traversing oceans from India and finding its terrestrial haven adjacent to the Lahaina Courthouse and the embrace of Lahaina Harbour, this sprawling arboreal colossus, a preeminent exemplar among American Banyan trees, graces the expanse of Front Street, stretching equivalently across an entire city block and soaring beyond 60 feet in majestic elevation, as affirmed by the comprehensive resources available on gohawaii.com.

As conveyed through a recent CNN news bulletin, the historic town of Lahaina has borne witness to extensive devastation, with the epicenter of the township left in utter desolation. The fires have ravaged the verdant coverings of the cherished and expansive Banyan tree, rendering its once-lush adornment a desolate spectacle.


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