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Kamareddy, a district in the state of Telangana, might not immediately strike you as a hub for innovative farming practices, but it’s been witness to a remarkable transformation. Have you ever imagined fish farming on rooftops? If not, you’re not alone. The concept might sound unusual, but it has taken root in this district.

The Rural Development Authority in Kamareddy has taken on the task of assisting local women in establishing rooftop fish farms. They’ve not only provided training to these women but have also helped them secure loans to kickstart their fish farming ventures. This initiative has turned out to be a game-changer for the community.

Once trained, these women embarked on their fish farming journeys, typically securing loans amounting to 3,00,000 INR from banks for their projects. This financial boost has provided small-scale farmers with an opportunity to earn supplementary income, which can be crucial for their livelihoods.

The method employed for fish farming on rooftops is known as Special Aquaculture. It involves the creation of tanks where thousands of fish are raised until they reach a mature weight of 1 kg. These mature fish can be sold for a market price of 350 INR each, which translates to a substantial income for the group of farmers involved.


However, the process is not without its expenses. Each fish requires around 1.5 kg of food until it reaches maturity, resulting in expenses that can add up to around 1 lakh INR. To make the most of resources and promote sustainability, the used water from fish farming is recycled for use in farmland. This water, containing ammonia, nitrogen, potassium, and urea, proves to be highly beneficial for paddy farming, as it possesses organic characteristics.

Kamareddy district boasts 56 units engaged in fish farming, which, interestingly, accounts for 1% of the area’s consumption demand for fish. Most of the fish consumed in the area are imported from the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. If these rooftop fish farms can successfully shift just 1% of the fish supply from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana, it could have a significant positive impact on local trade and earnings.

Looking ahead, there are plans to launch an additional 200 units for rooftop fish farming, promising even greater economic benefits for the women and the community at large. The success of this initiative demonstrates the potential for innovation and self-sufficiency in rural development, particularly when it empowers women and leverages sustainable practices.


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