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In Episode 2 of Sandeep Bhaiya, titled “Self Decision,” Sandeep, an IAS officer, attends a seminar organized by UNACADEMY. Aarushi Valmiki, an IFS officer, is invited to give motivation to new aspirants. During her speech, Aarushi Valmiki explains the difficulties she faced during her IAS preparations and shares tips on staying motivated.

The story then goes into a flashback where Aarushi Valmiki is attending the third and last free trial UPSC class at Verma Coaching Center. Some students, including Aarushi Valmiki, quote answers as per Sandeep Bhaiya’s teachings. Mr. Verma, the owner of the coaching center, gets irritated listening to Sandeep Bhaiya’s name in every answer and insults Aarushi Valmiki, asking her to pay fees after the free trial classes. This incident demotivates her due to her poor financial condition.


In the next scene, Aarushi meets Sandeep Bhaiya at a cyber cafe. She explains the difficulties of time management, balancing tiffin delivery to students and study time. Sandeep Bhaiya offers a remarkable piece of advice, saying, “Aspirants don’t know how to manage time, but time teaches aspirants how to manage it.” He motivates Aarushi, telling her not to take tension.

In the following scene, during the evaluation of the marks obtained from a question set (Mulyankan), Aarushi feels she has scored 240 marks, which is above the cutoff. This gives her hope that she can still become an IAS officer.

In the next scene, Mr. Verma offers Sandeep Bhaiya a full-time faculty position at Verma Coaching Center. However, Sandeep Bhaiya considers it too early to make a decision and declines the offer.

Later, Sandeep Bhaiya, his roommate, and Aarushi sit on the rooftop. Sandeep Bhaiya asks Aarushi a decision-making question, “Suppose you become an IAS officer, and you have a meeting with a leader. After that, you have another important meeting. At the same time, a man comes from 70 km away, whose land has been captured by someone else. What will you do for the visitor if you have four options: A) Tell the visitor to wait, B) Tell your junior to attend, C) Discuss the problem yourself, D) Tell your assistant to solve the visitor’s problem?” Sandeep Bhaiya mentions that all options are right, but the marks differ for each. He adds that this question was asked in the 2013 IAS exams under the “Self Decision” section. Aarushi replies that option C is the best answer. Sandeep Bhaiya also mentions that in the evaluation, Aarushi is two marks above the cutoff, which motivates her.

In the next scene, there is an evening blackout, and a group of aggressive students rushes to the Electricity Department, including Sandeep Bhaiya and Aarushi. Sandeep Bhaiya manages to control the aggressive students before the Additional District Magistrate (ADM) arrives. Sandeep Bhaiya receives appreciation from the ADM, who states that UPSC requires civil servants like Sandeep Bhaiya.

In the last scene of this episode, Sandeep Bhaiya and Aarushi apply for the UPSC examination. Sandeep receives a call from his father asking if he is coming to his cousin’s sister’s marriage ceremony. Sandeep replies in the negative, and his father understands that he has applied for the UPSC exam.


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