Threads, the newly unveiled platform by Meta that seeks to challenge Twitter, garnered an impressive count of 5 million sign-ups within a mere four hours since its launch today. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a previous post announcing that Threads had surpassed the 2 million sign-up mark within the initial two hours, followed by an update revealing the achievement of 5 million sign-ups within the first four hours.

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Opinions are sharply divided on whether Threads will surpass Twitter. Supporters argue that its integration with Instagram, which provides an existing user base, will be advantageous, particularly considering the ongoing efforts by Elon Musk and newly appointed Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino to revitalize the struggling platform. Conversely, skeptics argue that Twitter’s news-oriented focus, contrasting with Instagram’s visual-centric nature, will pose a challenge for Threads to replace.

Remarkably, Meta only needs a quarter of its Instagram user base to join Threads in order to rival Twitter’s extensive user base. When asked about the possibility of Threads surpassing Twitter, Zuckerberg commented, “It will take time, but I believe there should be a public conversation app with over 1 billion users. Twitter had the opportunity but couldn’t fully capture it. Hopefully, we will.”


During the introduction of Threads, Zuckerberg portrayed it as an “inclusive and welcoming public space for discussions.” He expressed the intention to amalgamate the finest aspects of Instagram and establish a novel experience. He also expressed gratitude to those who joined Threads from its inception and highlighted the necessity of a friendly online community. Threads is currently available for download from the app store.

When questioned about the focus on fostering kindness within Threads, the Meta CEO affirmed, “We are actively emphasizing kindness and creating a friendly environment.”

Notably, Zuckerberg made a return to Twitter, after an 11-year absence, to share a meme following the launch of Threads


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