The fear of revenge attacks and threats on social media has led to a high school hiring security guards. It’s the disturbing aftermath of a schoolboy stabbing, and the victim’s older brother wants to understand the purpose of such violence.

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Five-year-old Stephen is too young to comprehend where his uncle is ?

Pashwam, just a 16-year-old schoolboy himself, tragically lost his life.

Mon was supposed to go to a movie with his younger brother last Thursday night, but they never made it. Mon’s older brother is seeking justice for him, stating that no one deserves to die in that manner.

According to Mon, Pashwam loved soccer and karate and had a great sense of humor.

Police believe that a shocking incident occurred in broad daylight in Melbourne’s western suburbs five days ago. It was the result of escalating tensions between rival teenagers from different schools. Thursday afternoon, students were at Sunshine Railway Station, and moments before the attack, one of them was seen with friends. Two teenagers armed with knives chased them, and Pashwam, still in his school uniform, was stabbed multiple times. He collapsed at the bus stop, while the alleged attackers fled. One of the teenagers was caught on camera hiding in a nearby alleyway for 11 minutes, still holding a weapon.


Pashwam’s brother describes him as a good kid.

Pashwam is the latest victim of Victoria’s escalating youth knife crisis. While police claim that knife homicides are decreasing, hospital admissions for knife-related incidents have more than doubled in the past three years.

Thursday’s attacks have left the community in mourning, and locals are on edge due to threats made on social media.

One high school has hired private security guards due to concerns of revenge attacks, as the police continue their search for a suspect, 17-year-old Maig a Tim, who has been on the run for five days.


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