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If your YouTube channel has been demonetized, it means that you won’t be able to earn money from ads on your videos. However, any earnings that you have accumulated in your YouTube Studio (formerly known as YouTube Creator Studio) should still be eligible for withdrawal to your AdSense account, provided you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold and your AdSense account is in good standing.

Here are the general steps to withdraw your earnings from YouTube Studio to your AdSense account:

  1. Link AdSense to YouTube: Make sure that your AdSense account is linked to your YouTube channel. If it’s not already linked, you can do this by following the instructions in the YouTube Studio under the “Monetization” section.
  2. Meet Minimum Threshold: In order to withdraw funds, you need to reach the minimum threshold set by AdSense. This threshold varies by country and currency, but it’s usually around $100. Once your YouTube earnings reach or exceed this amount, you’ll be eligible to withdraw.
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  4. Withdrawal Process: Once you meet the threshold, you can initiate a withdrawal from your YouTube Studio. The earnings will be transferred to your linked AdSense account. Keep in mind that it might take some time for the funds to be processed and transferred, depending on your payment method.
  5. AdSense Account Status: Ensure that your AdSense account is active and in good standing. If your AdSense account has any issues or violations, it might affect your ability to withdraw funds.
  6. Payment Method: Make sure you have set up a valid and correct payment method in your AdSense account, so that the funds can be transferred to your bank account or other payment options.


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