Mahua Moitra 10

Mahua Moitra’s expulsion from the Lok Sabha is notable for various reasons. The Ethics Committee’s role in recommending expulsion raises questions about its jurisdiction. Moitra’s primary accusation of receiving funds for parliamentary questions should typically fall under the purview of the Committee of Privileges, but it was referred to the Ethics Committee.

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The unique aspect is that members of the Indian legislature enjoy privileges akin to the House of Commons in 1950. Despite the absence of codified privileges, each legislature has a committee dedicated to investigating breaches. Moitra’s case, a breach of privilege, should have gone to the Committee of Privileges. Instead, it went to the Ethics Committee, possibly due to an additional charge. The Ethics Committee, dealing with unethical conduct, lacks explicit definitions but can recommend admonition, reprimand, or suspension. Moitra’s case underscores the unique challenges in addressing parliamentary ethics and behavior.



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