On Thursday, Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, called upon the government to take decisive action in response to the distressing viral video that exposed the deplorable act of Manipur women being paraded naked by a group of men. He expressed profound concern about the incident, branding it a glaring failure of constitutional principles.

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“We are deeply disturbed by the videos distributed yesterday. Our concern is sincere, and it is high time for the government to step up and take action. This behavior is utterly unacceptable,” stated Chandrachud.

The Supreme Court demanded that the government provide information about the measures being taken to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice. The apex court emphasized its readiness to take appropriate action should the government fail to act promptly.

CJI Chandrachud continued to denounce the use of women as instruments of violence in a hostile environment, emphasizing that such actions have no place in a constitutional democracy.


In light of the situation, the Supreme Court demanded a report from the Centre and the N Biren Singh-led state government, setting the matter to be taken up on July 28.

Before the commencement of Parliament’s monsoon session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his anguish on Thursday over the viral video depicting the naked parading of two women in Manipur. He described the incident as a shameful act for any civilized society and assured that those responsible would not escape punishment.

On Thursday, the Manipur Police arrested a person allegedly involved in the mob that paraded and assaulted three Kuki women on May 4. The video of the women walking naked surfaced over 2.5 months after the incident took place.

The state of Manipur has been plagued by ethnic violence for the past two months, resulting in a devastating toll of over 150 lives lost and more than 50,000 people injured.


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