"Navigating a Corruption-Free Future: Unveiling the 2023 ICC Rules"

"2023 ICC Anti-Corruption Rules" – Unveiling new rules led by ICC Chair Maria Fernanda Garza.

"Launch at UN Conference"

Launch Highlights

Garza introduces rules at UN Conference, coinciding with the UN Convention against Corruption's 20th anniversary.

"Strengthening Integrity"

New rules focus on robust reporting, Third-Party management, and Responsible Business Conduct.

"Addressing Corruption Issues"

Rules target reporting, Third-Party integrity, and Responsible Business Conduct.

"Combatting Corruption"

Businesses urged to establish anti-corruption codes, adopt compliance programmes, and address issues like political contributions.

"Pioneering Anti-Corruption"

ICC, since 1977, leads anti-corruption efforts, issuing rules and advocating global compliance for businesses.

"Transforming Practices"

2023 Rules set a new benchmark, particularly benefiting SMEs by providing clarity on considerations and implementation.

"Shaping a Corruption-Free Landscape"

The 2023 ICC Rules shape a corruption-free landscape, influencing global practices towards responsibility and transparency.