I just go out of my room and trying to join crowdy area and start observing people’s face, what kind of expressions they experience on their face.  That is just for I could get rid of my problem for that time.

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  • I Love to play adventures games to get rid of my problem for that time.
  • Listening fast music is best way to ease down my loneliness.
  • I use to do drive my bicycle on busy area.
  • I try to keep engaged myself by available means.
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  • I try meditation and Yoga these are is one of the ways to resolve my loneliness.
  • I drink plenty of water.
  • I try to stick together with those who support me.
  • I try to eat my favorite food cooked by myself.
  1. I watch movie, listen music, and some time I go for swimming.

Above mentioned things are my personal experience in your case it may different.

Please comment what you do when you feel lonely.


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